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Pit Bulls, a breed that most deem aggressive, but in reality that aggression we’ve seen from them has been the lack of attention, affection, and training from their owners.

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This past weekend was spent on the Northern California coast in celebration of my twenty-third year of life. I’ve spent this past year in search of fulfillment after ending a college soccer career and seeing a world of opportunity open up to me. I began taking photos, and saw the city…

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One of the things that makes Instagram such a great community is the fact that it brings creative people together from all over the world.

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photo by Merek Davis

For professional photographer Merek Davis, Instagram began as an app where he would normally post pictures of his French Bulldog, but it quickly became a platform that would help him branch out towards many creative ventures. Today Davis has over 34k followers, and has created one of the most sought-out editing apps out there, the Mextures App.

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Albert Einstein

Most of us can agree that taking a passport or license picture is far from pleasant– hoping we wake up with a good hair day, no awkward…

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In 1949 LIFE photographer Gjon Mili showed Pablo Picasso his photographic compilation of ice skaters performing jumps in the dark, with lights attached to their skates.

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Back in the 1950s Ken Russell captured the cool of London’s East End, a post-war era where the youth culture of Teddy Boys filled the streets.

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We previously posted about the incredibly talented photographer, Irina Werning, and her Back To The Future project. The collection of photos consists of recreating old photos in today’s light.

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If for one second we could forget we are all different. If for one second we could forget the difference in skin color, in culture, in religion, what would the world look like?

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