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Pit Bulls, a breed that most deem aggressive, but in reality that aggression we’ve seen from them has been the lack of attention, affection, and training from their owners.

The full story about Photographer’s Series Shows The Sweet Side Of Pit Bulls


It seems like Wacom is stepping up their game, along with a purchase of a tablet you get a free owl.

The full story about Illustrator Collaborates With Northern White-Faced Owl On A Wacom Tablet

June 11th, 2014 | Art+Culture | Tags: , | No Comment
Patchwork Show

The Patchwork Show bid farewell to spring, and said “hello!” to summer, laying rows of craftie and DIY folks by the Long Beach shores. Since 2006 the Patchwork Show has brought, not only a creative…

The full story about Highlights From The 2013 Long Beach Patchwork Show

June 19th, 2013 | Art+Culture, Features | Tags: , , | No Comment

There’s no better landscape to create his masterpiece, after all his main tool is solar energy. To some it may be tiring and time-consuming spending hours under the blazing hot sun, but Al finds it quite gratifying that he gets to work closely with two great elements of nature…

The full story about Wood Burning Under the Venice Sun With Al Culbertson

July 17th, 2012 | Art+Culture | Tags: , | No Comment

“Sally’s ideas come spewing out of her head like a big bloated volcano having a sick. She can be found most days…

The full story about Sally Renshaw Gives Serial Killers An Artistic Twist

October 4th, 2011 | Art+Culture | Tags: | No Comment

David Litchfield has proven that lines not only carry simplicity within them, but they are the main architects of building character; enlarged heads and exaggerated facial features play a big part in his illustrations.

The full story about Tapping Into Your Inner Child With Illustrator David Litchfield

June 27th, 2011 | Art+Culture, Features | Tags: , | One Comment
Brian Dettmer

Chicago born Brian Dettmer didn’t have to go to med school and get a PhD to do what he does best– carve into old books with surgeon tools.

The full story about You Don’t Need a PhD to be a Worlwide Known Book Surgeon

April 28th, 2011 | Art+Culture | Tags: , , , | No Comment

…After hours of walking and scoping each artist tent, we’ve chosen to feature our six favorite, based on the creative and distinctive character of their work.

The full story about 52nd Annual Winter Park Art Festival Takes Edgyness to a Whole New Level

Small, colorful and pathological are the words Mary Carmack uses to describe her own artwork. Carmack’s vintage-inspired collage pieces tell their own anomalous stories. The cut-outs with intermixed drawing accents transform into dream-like portraits that once narrated tales different than the fate they hold today.

The full story about Building Nostalgic Collages With Mary Virgina Carmack

I strongly believe that wherever inspiration and creativity exist, there is art. Although I’m not a fan of graffiti used to mark territories per se, I am however, all for graffiti that evolves into art and transforms plain cement buildings into an endless captivating canvas.

The full story about WATCH: Video of Street Art With Faith47