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Amy Poehler will be a guest on this Wednesday’s episode of Billy on the Street. Amy won’t be playing herself per se, but instead she’ll be channeling her inner Pitbull, all while wearing an extremely convincing mask. I bet you can’t even tell the difference!

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A sea of cables sits atop Kawehi’s oak table, a wine glass barely filled with red, stone walls and a nice landscape painting hanging in the background…these don’t quite imply that you’re about to be graced with some grungy Nirvana action, and I think that is totally the point.

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It’s been a bit since Interpol played a live gig– 2011 to be exact– they graced the audience of Newcastle by debuting three new songs from their upcoming fifth album, which they are currently in the process of recording.

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Last night Coldplay performed at the iTunes Festival SXSW, where they delivered their first live performance since announcing the release of their latest album, Ghost Stories.

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On May 6th Lykke Li will be releasing her new album I Never Learn via LL/Atlantic. Today she’s revealed the album’s tracklist, and a video for the song “Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone,”…

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Dressed in an elegant long red dress Karen O, alongside the debonair looking Ezra Koenig– from Vampire Weekend– performed their Oscar-nominated song from Her, “The Moon Song.”

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A little bit of Halloween and a little bit of Christmas, Sufjan Stevens chose the perfect time to release the video for “Mr. Frosty Man”– the track is featured in Stevens’ forthcoming…

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Regina Spektor just revealed the video for the track “How,” off her latest album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats– ?released this past May.

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Kids of 88 just released the music video for the first single off their upcoming sophomore album, Modern Love.

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Florence Welch– from Florence and the Machine– is guest vocalist in Calvin Harris’ new video for the track “Sweet Nothing.”

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