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20 Rare Celebrity Pictures You Probably Haven’t Seen

Monday, June 6th, 2011 category: Art+Culture Tags: ,

You think you’ve seen it all, but you probably haven’t seen these 20 rare celebrity pictures. Everyone from Salvador Dali, to Steve Jobs, to the Beatles and much more. Take a look at the unusual, the funny, the other side of celebs you probably wouldn’t encounter in the lime-light.

Bob Dylan

Johnny Depp

Wilfrid Brambell and John Lennon

Stephen King

Elizabeth Taylor

George Bernard Shaw

Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein

Alice Cooper and Salvador Dali

Peter Mayhew and Mark Hamill

The Beatles

Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder

Tupac Shakur

Salvador Dali

Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire

Bruce Lee

Jim Morrison

Andy Warhol and John Lennon

Steve Jobs

Steven Spielberg

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

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